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"Voting Should Not Be Easy"

That quote came from Idaho House Majority Leader Mike Moyle.

In that unguarded moment Rep. Moyle let slip his party’s intention to make it increasingly difficult to vote in Idaho. The comment came during debate on H223 that would criminalize your offering to take your wheelchair-bound neighbor’s signed and sealed ballot to an authorized drop-off point.

H219 requires that only an Idaho driver’s license or a photo ID issued by the Idaho Transportation Department can serve as identification when registering to vote. You need a passport or birth certificate along with proof of residency, and a great deal of patience in order to get a “star card” ID. Poor people, minority voters, and disabled voters are less likely to get such an ID and thus are less likely to register to vote.

S1110 makes getting voter initiatives on the ballot beyond the reach of ordinary citizens. Big money interest groups can get their pet initiatives on the ballot, though.

Why is Idaho’s majority party afraid to let citizens have their say?


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