My Values


Listening to Understand

Leaders listen. They hear and seek to understand. I will always listen to your concerns and learn from your experiences. Considering a variety of viewpoints leads to better decision making. ​


Fairness & Equality

The United States was founded on the basis of equal treatment for all. As a nation, we have struggled to live up to that ideal. Equal treatment of people is a core value for me. I believe in compromise as a general rule. Human rights cannot be compromised. They are something everyone is entitled to. 


Working Together

I believe in building consensus by inviting every stakeholder to the discussion. Collaboration and compromise can turn opponents into partners. I am proud that Idaho has been a national leader in collaboration with successes such as the Owyhee Initiative and the Sawtooth Coalition and it is my intention to continue that tradition.


Sustainability & Fiscal Responsibility

We must be better citizens of the planet, recognizing that the way we live today will determine the future of our grandchildren. Climate change is real. Individual citizens can do just so much to make a real difference in energy use and sustainable practices. We need strong action from elected officials to move us toward sustainability, both financially and for our environment.