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It's nice to meet you, neighbor.

Rick Just portrait in an outdoor setting

My Story

I'm a native Idahoan with a passion for our state's history. My great grandparents came here in 1863, a few weeks after Idaho territory was formed, and the Justs have been here ever since. After serving in the Marine Corps and getting an education at BSU I went on to serve in the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, our state parks agency. In my 30 years of public leadership, I formed solid relationships and a deep understanding of our state government and with federal land management partners.  


Many times I've sat in committee meetings and testified in public hearings before legislators. What I’ve seen in recent years is an inherent lack of balance and consideration. As a writer who has published several books about Idaho, I look back to times when elected officials put Idaho and its citizens above party politics. We need to get back to that level of respect and cooperation so we can focus on the actual issues that unite Idahoans. 

Why I'm Running

If we want to protect our quality of life we have to invest in a top-notch education for all Idaho students regardless of where they live so they can compete for the jobs of tomorrow. A better-educated workforce combined with our terrific natural resources will attract companies that bring higher-paying jobs with them. 


The COVID pandemic made it apparent that the health of your neighbors has a direct impact on your own health and on the economy. If you and I have health insurance, that’s good. If our neighbors don’t have it, that’s dangerous. 


Finding solutions to growth and transportation in the valley is more important for our future than ever. Our state government needs to help us invest in our future or get out of the way of local government. 


We need affordable housing and living wages so our families have the resources they need to lead a decent life together. 

Rick Just walking at Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve.
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